lovecraftSo I decided at long last to settle for this Lovecraft WordPress theme. It’s taken me a while to decide and I vacillated no end. I’m not sure what I wanted but I liked the name as I am a huge fan of him.

I can’t even remember when it was I was first introduced to him but I have always liked  weird, unsettling horror and mystery genres as well descriptive writing, and I think Lovecraft has these in spades (where does that turn of phrase come from? I hope it’s nothing racist). For a long while I even thought the Miskatonic University was a real place. You see the brilliance of Lovecraft’s writing is that he enables the reader to conjure up the places he writes about in their minds. He uses wonderful language that is seemingly a bit archaic but I think that lends itself to the word pictures he is trying to produce. For example, such words as eldritch, amorphous, gibbous (a phase of the moon)and cerulean (a colour) are words that I love to use in my own writing. In fact you can find a lexicon of Lovecraft’s favourite words here: Lovecraftian Lexicon

It is testament to his unique and interesting use of language, as well as his brilliant inventive mind that he has become such a well known and much loved author. His imaginative word art have now even become mainstream in a plethora of merchandise as well as the seeds from which others base their own art, whether it be graphics, writing or even in film.

As an honour to my favourite author I created a Wordle (and it has to be said this is my first attempt)



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